Packed tower internals
The proper selection and design of packed tower distributors, collectors, supports, and other column internals are essential for optimum packing performance. At Koch-Glitsch we take special care to assure that liquid and vapor distribution to the packed bed is uniform and that the equipment is selected to best handle any special process considerations, such as fouling or foaming. We offer a proven line of distributors and redistributors for a wide range of flow rates, physical properties, and turndown requirements. Our internals are available in a variety of styles and materials, including ceramic, graphite, and many plastics. 
Feed devices
Model 119 high performance liquid only feed pipe

· Liquid only
· Mixed liquid and vapor
· Vapor only
· Reboiler returns

Feed devices

Liquid collectors
Model 611 deck style liquid collector

· Total or partial draw-off
· Feed liquid distributor
· Liquid collection and

Liquid collectors
Hold down plates
Model 805 random packing bed limiter, non-interfering

· Reduce potential for
  structured packing
  displacement during
  upset conditions
· Retain random packing
  in the event vapor load 
  fluidizes the top of a
  packed bed

Hold down plates

Liquid distributors/redistributors
Model 136 INTALOX® channel distributor with drip tubes

· Deck
· Channel
· Trough

Liquid distributors and redistributors
Support plates
Model 804 random packing gas injection support plate · Physically retains and
  supports the packed bed
· Gas-injection type
  for random packing
· Simple open grid
  for structured packing

Support plates

Vapor distributors/diffusers

Model 746 lateral arm vapor distributor

· Distributors provide 
  uniform distribution 
  of vapor feed
· Diffusers reduce 
  excessive flow energy
  in vapor-only feeds 

Vapor distributors/diffusers