Liquid distributors and redistributors
Packed tower columns use liquid distributors above each bed of packing to provide uniform liquid distribution. Redistribution of liquid between packed beds improves efficiency.

Model 136 INTALOX® channel distributor with drip tubes

Liquid distribution
INTALOX® high performance distributors are designed to provide a uniform drip-point pattern and uniform point-to-point flow to the packing below. As a result, INTALOX high performance distributors are recommended for:

  • Distillation services
    • With high stage count per bed
    • That are operating near the minimum reflux ratio or close to an equilibrium pinch
  • Distillation systems 
    • With low relative volatility
    • With high purity product
  • Absorption or stripping applications with close approach to equilibrium
  • Heat transfer applications with close approach temperatures

Koch-Glitsch “traditional” liquid distributors have less uniform distribution patterns and liquid flow than the INTALOX high performance distributors.  The standardized construction of these distributors make them a more economical alternative for less demanding services, typically in conjunction with a conventional random packing.

Liquid redistribution
Redistribution of liquid between packed beds improves efficiency.  There are several reasons to separate a single packed bed into two packed beds and redistribute the liquid:

  • Feed introduction
  • Product side draw
  • High transfer unit count
  • Desire to cross-mix the liquid to ensure even liquid concentrations across the bed.
  • Prevention of liquid maldistribution
  • Physical weight of the packed bed