Liquid collectors
Using a separate collector improves cross mixing of the liquid before redistribution and allows mixing of feed streams with the internal column liquid.

Model 611 deck style liquid collector

A separate collector typically is used in applications that have one or more of the following requirements.

  • Distillation services with high stage count per bed
  • High purity product distillation systems
  • Distillation services operating near the minimum reflux ratio or close to an equilibrium pinch
  • Absorption or stripping applications with close approach to equilibrium


A separate collector requires more column height than a channel or deck-type redistributor.

When used between packed beds for redistribution, a trough-type distributor requires a collector to catch the liquid from the bed above.

Factors to consider when choosing the style of liquid collector:

  • Pressure drop limitation
  • Thermal expansion
  • Leakage limitations
  • Field welding