Fouling services

Moderate fouling systems

For moderate fouling systems, large diameter fixed valves, such as the VG-10 or the patented PROVALVE® valve, can be used on several SUPERFRAC® tray configurations to reduce the tendency to foul. 

Tray deck with VG-10 valves
Tray deck with VG-10 valves
PROVALVE® valves

Tray deck with PROVALVE® valves

Extreme fouling systems
For extreme fouling services, Koch-Glitsch offers SUPERFLUX® trays, which can employ many of the capacity and efficiency features of SUPERFRAC® trays.
SUPERFLUX trays are designed to increase run time in fouling applications. Koch-Glitsch can address the specific fouling characteristics present in your operation with our proprietary technology offered on SUPERFLUX trays.
The PURGE downcomer is available for severe fouling applications, such as polymer slurry, acrylonitrile, and butadiene services.

PURGE downcomer

PURGE downcomer

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