VG-0 valve
MINIVALVE® fixed valve

VG-0 MINIVALVE® fixed valve

  • Higher capacity than full-size
    valve trays: smaller tower or
    more throughput
  • High efficiency:
    fewer trays or less reflux required
  • Fixed opening:
    valve cannot stick shut
  • Formerly used on
    SUPERFRAC® tray decks only
  • FRI tested
  • Cost effective



This widely-used, fixed, high-performance valve has been tested at FRI on two different sets of high capacity trays.

  • The net rise can range from as low as 4 mm [0.158 in] to as high as 11 mm [0.433 in]. Recommended rises vary with deck thickness and the nature of the service.
  • A fixed valve can never become stuck to the deck nor can it spin.
  • The VG-0 valve’s fouling resistance is quite good. It has been used in a number of fouling applications on the decks of high performance, anti-fouling SUPERFLUX® trays.
  • The operating range is quite good, exceeding that of a sieve tray and almost matching that of moving valves. The VG-0 valve is replacing full-size, conventional moving valves in many installations.


  • provide reduced entrainment and better efficiency than conventional valve and sieve trays
  • provide improvement in capacity that can exceed 13% in spray regime services with low-to-moderate weir loadings
  • exhibit a more uniform froth action on the tray deck compared to full-size valves
  • are directional with the rear leg being a little wider than the downstream front leg
  • provide a slight pushing action to the liquid as vapor passes through the valves
  • maintain a more uniform flow pattern on cross-flow trays with less retrograde action