ULTRA-FRAC® high performance trays
Expand your capacity - not your vessel. The ULTRA-FRAC® tray is the next logical step to increased capacity in existing vessels.
ULTRA-FRAC® high performance tray


  • Refinery gas plants
  • NGL processing plants
  • Fraction units with high capacity demands
  • Gas plants
  • High pressure distillations
  • Moderate to high liquid rate services


The ULTRA-FRAC® tray is the highest capacity commercial mass transfer device tested at Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI). Its multiple separators produce co-current flow.

With ULTRA-FRAC® trays, existing columns can be retrofitted, resulting in significant capacity increases without the major capital expenditures and space requirements of building new columns. One-for-one change-outs of existing trays are possible for many services.

ULTRA-FRAC® trays offer:

  • Superior liquid handling
    • The unique operating principle provides capacity advantages.
  • Superior vapor handling
    • Functioning as a deentrainer, ULTRA-FRAC® trays provide significantly higher vapor rates without degrading efficiency.
  • Foam suppression
    • At low to medium liquid rates, ULTRA-FRAC® trays exhibit foam suppression capability.


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