Mechanical technologies
Designs and techniques for SUPERFRAC® high performance trays, FLEXITRAY® valve trays, and high performance packing and state-of-the-art liquid and vapor distributors.

FLEXILOCK® tray construction is a patented tray joint that allows rapid installation of tray panels in the field or in vessel shops.

FLEXILOCK® tray construction


HORIZON® technology provides the ability to more safely install trays with the vessel in the horizontal position.
 HORIZON® technology
OMNI-FIT® technology is a set of mechanical engineering designs that can facilitate column revamps and performance improvements.
 OMNI-FIT® technology

The patented PLUS technology for SUPERFRAC® trays is installed below the tray deck and acts as a deentrainment device.

PLUS technology for SUPERFRAC® trays can decrease the efficiency loss that often occurs in low liquid and high vapor rate applications.

SATURN® technology is the patented technology that can be used to reduce the total installed cost of new distillation columns, especially those containing multi-pass cross-flow trays.
SATURN® technology

SPEED-WAY manways allow you to easily add quick-opening manways without replacing your existing trays.

 SPEED-WAY manway


INTALOX® Packed Tower Systems uses high performance internals and high performance packing to create predictable and reliable separation column performance.

INTALOX® Packed Tower Systems technology