T valve
Caged, standard, round, full-size valve

T valve - full-size caged valve

  • Higher capacity than standard
    sieve trays
  • High efficiency
  • Wide operating range
  • Low pressure drop
  • Cost effective
  • More weepage resistance:
    even wider operating range
  • Increased fouling resistance:
    fewer costly shutdowns
  • Rugged construction:
    resistant to corrosion and erosion
  • FRI tested


Type T is the caged equivalent to the Type A valve. The use of this FRI-tested valve precedes the Type A valve.

  • The Type T valve has a single moving cap with no moving legs protruding through the deck.
  • A cage assembly retains the cap.
  • It is more resistant to weeping and to becoming dislodged from the deck.
  • It is more fouling resistant than the Type A valve.
  • It normally comes dimpled, but can be flush seated as necessary.

Equivalent BALLAST® designation: A-2.

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