T0 valve 
Caged, low pressure drop valve

T0 full-size one-piece valve
  • Higher capacity than standard
    sieve trays
  • High efficiency
  • Wide operating range
  • Contoured hole in the deck for
    lowest possible pressure drop
  • Cost effective
  • More weepage resistance:
    even wider operating range
  • Increased fouling resistance:
    fewer costly shutdowns
  • Rugged construction:
    resistant to corrosion and erosion
  • FRI tested


This variation of the Type T valve uses an extruded, Venturi-like orifice.

  • The dry tray pressure drop is thus lowered, providing an overall lower pressure drop.
  • This comes with a price of higher weepage and reduced turndown.

Equivalent BALLAST® designation: A-5.

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