Conventional downcomer SUPERFRAC® trays
The straightforward design of the downcomers allows use of standard tray construction and simplifies installation, which may provide a lower-cost solution.

Conventional downcomer SUPERFRAC® tray
  • Diameters from 3 ft [900 mm]
  • Fouling resistant with large
    diameter fixed valves
  • Downcomer design allows
    simple revamps
  • No extra active area over
    conventional designs


Conventional downcomer SUPERFRAC® trays use active area enhancements and may include inlet area enhancements. The Enhancements page provides additional descriptions.

Some improvements in capacity and efficiency are possible over conventional trays by changing the active areas. In some cases, the higher capacity valves and optimized liquid push can achieve revamp goals without downcomer modifications.

Construction details
  • Conventional-style downcomers that are either straight or sloped
  • Designs for specific application requirements
  • Bolted design


Design options