PLUS technology for SUPERFRAC® trays
The patented PLUS technology is installed below the tray deck and acts as a deentrainment device.

PLUS technology for SUPERFRAC® trays
  • Diameters from 3 ft [900 mm]
  • Applications with
    low liquid rates
  • Available with most
    downcomer designs


The patented PLUS technology acts as a deentrainment device and can decrease the efficiency loss that often occurs in low liquid and high vapor rate applications. In these types of conditions, it is common for high vapor rates to blow the liquid off the trays.
While the PLUS technology will not prevent a tray from blowing dry, it does help offset the efficiency losses that occur because of high entrainment in low liquid rate services. Gains of 5% in useable (efficient) capacity are typical.
The PLUS technology is installed below each tray and helps reduce the entrainment of liquid droplets from one tray to the next.
The deentrainment device is a customized design that typically uses a specifically designed FLEXIPAC® structured packing. Because structured packing is used, this technology typically is not applied in fouling services.
Construction details
  • Fits most SUPERFRAC® tray configurations
  • Designs for specific application requirements
  • Installed below tray deck
  • Bolted design


Design options