OMNI-FIT® technology 
A set of mechanical engineering designs that can facilitate column revamps and performance improvements.

OMNI-FIT® technology logo
   Before                    After
  OMNI-FIT® technology. Before and after views.

Reduce the time, cost, and complexities of your next revamp.

OMNI-FIT® technologies include:

  • Expansion rings
  • Pedestal supports
  • Downcomer adapters
  • Innovative tray designs that can minimize or
    eliminate welding on an existing tower


Efficiency and capacity enhancements can be achieved by using OMNI-FIT® technology for your next turnaround project.
OMNI-FIT technology can be used to:
  • Increase theoretical stages
  • Change tray spacings
  • Change the number of passes
  • Modify downcomer sizes or configurations
  • Install multi-pass SUPERFRAC® trays
  • Change tray orientation
  • Eliminate welding
  • Shorten turnarounds
  • Replace packing
  • And more . . .