MV-1 valve
MINIVALVE® moving valve

MV-1 MINIVALVE® moving valve

  • Higher capacity than full-size
    valve trays: smaller tower or
    more throughput
  • High efficiency:
    fewer trays or less reflux required
  • Formerly restricted to SUPERFRAC®
    tray decks
  • Wide operating range


Originally used only on SUPERFRAC® high-performance trays, this moving valve is now available for use on conventional trays. This valve offers high capacity and efficiency AND a wide operating range.
Because of the way the legs are inserted into the deck, the valves cannot spin. The valves come in two leg lengths, although the longer length is rarely needed – the shorter leg accommodates most common deck thicknesses.
Valves are normally furnished dimpled with tabs to space the cap edges slightly off the deck. A flush-seated style is available upon request.

  • provide reduced entrainment and better efficiency than conventional valve and sieve trays
  • provide improvement in capacity that can exceed 13% in spray regime services with low-to-moderate weir loadings
  • exhibit a more uniform froth action on the tray deck compared to full-size valves
  • are directional with the rear leg being a little wider than the downstream front leg
  • provide a slight pushing action to the liquid as vapor passes through the valves
  • maintain a more uniform flow pattern on cross-flow trays with less retrograde action