KFBE packing
KFBE fluidized bed structured packing improves the capacity and stripping efficiency in catalytic cracking catalyst strippers.

KFBE fluidized bed structured packing

KFBE "annular" element

KFBE packing is the preferred catalyst stripper technology since 2000.

  • Licensed in more than 77 catalyst strippers
  • More than 3.7 MM BPD licensed capacity
  • More than 435 years of combined operating experience
  • Both VGO and Resid cracking
Repeated upgrading of the FCCU for higher capacity, heavier feeds, and improved yields has left many catalyst strippers with capacity and stripping efficiency constraints.
Upgrading your stripper technology with KFBE packing can make a big difference. Structured packing uses the entire vessel area and can:
  • maximize available capacity
  • maximize residence time
  • improve stripping efficiency
  • reduce required stripping steam by as much as 50%

With no costly vessel replacement and modest installation requirements, customers have realized fast payout on projects.

  • Easy installation that can be accommodated during most FCC maintenance schedules
  • Spent cat line and valve protection
  • Open and free-flowing design
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Exceptional ability to maintain stripping efficiency at high catalyst flux

KFBE packing can be designed for hot and cold wall vessels with full diameter or annular KFBE packing elements.

KFBE packing can be installed in most configurations:

  • Axens/Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology FCC & RFCC Units
  • Axens/Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology R2P & DCC Units
  • Exxon Model IV
  • Exxon Flexicracker
  • KBR Orthoflow™
  • UOP stacked
  • UOP side-by-side
  • Axens/Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology HS-FCC (High Severity FCC) Units



KFBE packing - full diameter element

KFBE "full diameter" element

KFBE packing after 3 years normal operation

KFBE FCC catalyst stripper packing after three years of normal operation