INTALOX® high capacity structured packing
Combines excellent performance characteristics with a unique "efficient capacity" rating correlation.

INTALOX® high capacity structured packing

The higher capacity of INTALOX® structured packing is delivered by a combination of:

  • An aggressively textured surface
  • Corrugation reversals in each packing layer
  • Other proprietary geometric features

INTALOX structured packing is successfully used in a variety of high liquid rate, high pressure systems in addition to the usual applications in vacuum and atmospheric processes.

The aggressive surface texture of INTALOX structured packing provides excellent surface wetting, making it a preferred packing in aqueous distillation applications.

The unique physical characteristics of INTALOX structured packing show their advantage in the larger corrugation crimp sizes by providing:

  • Superior efficiency compared to other structured packings of similar surface area
  • Excellent capacity and pressure drop characteristics