INTALOX® SNOWFLAKE® random packing
Lowest possible pressure drop and high efficiency
INTALOX® SNOWFLAKE® random packing 
  • Chlorine and Bromine production plants
  • HCl absorption in various processes
  • Emergency scrubbers
  • Environmental scrubbers and strippers
  • Air and water coolers in air separation plants


Lowest Pressure Drop and
Highest Capacity
  • Lowest pressure drop of any Koch-Glitsch plastic packing.
  • Low pressure drop and high capacity allows smaller column diameter and blower sizes in new installations.
  • Low pressure drop minimizes process back-pressure from scrubbers.
  • Low pressure drop substantially reduces energy consumption.
High Efficiency and Capacity
  • Exceptional efficiency at low liquid rates improves separation performance and allows reduction in column height in new installations.
  • High capacity for high liquid rates allows reduction in column diameter in new installations.


INTALOX® SNOWFLAKE® high performance random packing