IMTP® random packing
Provides low pressure drop and high efficiency.

IMTP® random packing
  • Acid gas removal
  • Demethanizer / deethanizer
  • Ethylene water quench and primary fractionator
  • Sour water stripper
  • Atmospheric and high pressure distillation


Low pressure drop and high capacity
  • Low pressure drop and high capacity allows smaller column diameter for new installation.
  • Low pressure drop reduces energy consumption for revamps.
  • Low pressure drop reduces foam generation.
High efficiency and capacity
  • Exceptional efficiency over a wide flow range.
  • Reproducible performance regardless of tower diameter or height using INTALOX® Packed Tower Systems technology. Imitation packing performance can fall short without this technology.
High mechanical strength
  • High strength to weight ratio allows for packed beds as deep as 50 ft.


IMTP® random packing