FLEXITRAY® valve trays
Combine high capacity and excellent efficiency with a wide operating range.

FLEXITRAY® valve tray

Benefits of
FLEXITRAY® valve trays
  • Uniform vapor distribution
  • Wide operating range
  • Higher capacity and
    low pressure drop
  • Cost effective
  • Versatile




Using proprietary design techniques and a wide range of valve types available for FLEXITRAY® valve trays, a well-designed FLEXITRAY® valve tray generally provides the most economically attractive solution for your grass-roots column construction projects.

Mechanical features

FLEXILOCK® tray construction - patented FLEXILOCK® tray joint allows rapid installation of tray panels

OMNI-FIT® technology - a set of mechanical engineering designs used to reduce the cost and downtime of revamps

HORIZON® technology - a set of mechanical construction techniques developed specifically for in-shop installation of trays with the vessel in the horizontal position.

SATURN® technology - innovative tray designs and simple tower attachments to reduce total installed cost of new distillation columns.

SPEED-WAY manways - a design that easily adds quick-opening manways to existing trays.