FLEXIPAC® structured packing
Provides a lower pressure drop per theoretical stage and increased capacity compared to trays and conventional random packings.

FLEXIPAC® structured packing
Columns packed with FLEXIPAC® structured packing have resulted in:
  • Improved product yields
  • Improved product purities
  • Reduced reflux ratios
  • Increased throughput
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Reduced liquid holdup
  • Increased heat transfer


FLEXIPAC packing is available in a variety of corrugation crimp sizes, each at two inclination angles.

"Y" designated packings

  • 45 degree nominal inclination angle from horizontal
  • Most widely used


"X" designated packings

  • 60 degree nominal inclination angle from horizontal
  • Used where high capacity and low pressure drop are required
  • Provide lower pressure drop per theoretical stage for the same surface area