CASCADE MINI-RINGS® (CMR) random packing
Achieves high capacity and low pressure drop

CASCADE MINI-RINGS® (CMR) random packing

  • Absorption and
    stripping services
  • Etylene primary
    fractionators and
    quench towers
  • Heat transfer
  • Flue gas desulfurization



High vapor capacity and
low pressure drop
  • Low aspect ratio increases capacity and reduces pressure drop.  The preferred vertical orientation of the packing axes allows free gas flow through the packed bed.
  • Multiple sizes provide ability to optimize capacity and efficiency based on application requirements.
High efficiency
  • Low aspect ratio means more surface is available for formation of thin films and efficient mass transfer between liquid and gas phases.
Fouling resistant
  • Open structure and preferred vertical orientation inhibits fouling by allowing solids to be more easily flushed through the bed by the liquid.
CASCADE MINI_RINGS® (CMR) high performance random packing - table