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Our employees at Koch-Glitsch are the key to our success. We strive to create a culture in which people are open and receptive, treat each other with care and respect, are provided the necessary education and information, and are given the opportunity to make meaningful contributions.

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Thank you for your interest in job opportunities at Koch-Glitsch.
As an employer, Koch-Glitsch seeks employees who possess a high degree of initiative, drive, and exemplary knowledge in their chosen field.
Koch-Glitsch expects a high level of performance and leadership in both team and individual arenas.

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At Koch-Glitsch we strongly believe in paying our employees in conjunction with their market value.
Market value is determined by three main factors, including:
  • pay for other employees doing similar work,
  • market pay ranges for similar jobs at similar companies in our recruitment area, and
  • individual performance and success.

To learn more about just one of the ways that Koch-Glitsch provides value to its customers, watch the video (YouTube) for a look at the Mass Transfer School. The bi-annual class is offered to help our customers learn more about how to address specific issues in their businesses.
Our employees are our best and strongest asset. Their knowledge, skill and experience are what lead us to success now and in the future.
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