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June 2011
Mass transfer equipment for
methanol production
by Neil Sandford

Methanol is commonly produced by steam reforming natural gas to produce a synthesis gas that is further converted to methanol.A two-step distillation train is used to concentrate and purify the crude methanol product from the methanol synthesis reactor. There are usually no specific fouling problems, and the mass transfer equipment is selected according to the required capacity, efficiency, pressure drop, and flexibility.


Packing vs. trays in catalytic cracking
catalyst strippers

Koch-Glitsch, LP

Repeated upgrading of the FCCU for higher capacity, heavier feeds, and improved yields has left many catalyst strippers with capacity and stripping efficiency constraints.

Upgrading your stripper technology can make a difference.


Choice and application of Koch-Glitsch
high capacity structured packings
by Pat Quotson

Each type of structured packing has strong performance characteristics. Under certain conditions or in specific applications, each has a particular strength that may
make one style more desirable.
"Perfect" operating data
are not true operating data
Koch-Glitsch, LP
Perfect operating data are unrealizable. When distillation column operating data appear to be perfect it is because the so-called “data” are truly just the results of a computer-generated process simulation. 


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