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August 2010

Agitated vs. non-agitated extractors
by Neil Sandford

Agitated liquid-liquid extractors include KARR®, SCHEIBEL®, reciprocating plate and pulsed columns. Rotating Disc Contactors, or RDCs, are also classified as “agitated.” Non-agitated extractors may contain random or structured packing or perforated trays.


How reflux works
by Paul Morehead

In a distillation column, a liquid reflux is introduced near the top of the column to clean the upflowing vapor. This stream has a high concentration of the light key component and is often nearly pure.


Determining droplet size to remove in
vertical flow liquid-liquid coalescers
by Sam L. Mitchell
One method for retaining solvent in liquid-liquid columns
is by adding a downstream horizontal accumulator/settler. However, this adds significant cost and complexity since
the secondary vessel will require additional piping, controls, safety systems, and maintenance. As a cost savings measure, many times the job of solvent retention can be accomplished with a COALEX liquid-liquid coalescer placed above the interface level in the liquid-liquid column itself. 
External Parallel Filter
Recommendations for Packed Towers
by Pamela Tokerud
Parallel external filters are recommended on all lines entering your packed tower (reflux and feed) to prevent fouling of the distributors and packing, which could result in degradation of your column’s performance. The filter size is more a function of the distributor orifice diameter. It is industry practice to specify the pore size to be approximately one-fourth of the area of the orifice; however, the size should be based on actual operating experience.
Will increasing the number of trays in an
existing column increase the capacity?
by Eric Cole
Increasing the number of trays in a column will increase the number of theoretical stages.  This generally means that the vapor and liquid loadings in the column, as well as the reflux ratio, will be less; however, it does not guarantee that the column will have more capacity.
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