Koch-Glitsch is an industry leader in research and development for mass transfer and mist elimination technology. Understanding market demands and envisioning future requirements constantly drives Koch-Glitsch's search for improved products and services.

Koch-Glitsch has a culture of innovation that goes back 100 years.  Koch-Glitsch continuously invests in the development of cost-effective mass transfer equipment that provides the industry with higher efficiency, higher capacity, improved plant performance, and increased reliability.  These innovative products yield significant capital and energy savings.
Koch-Glitsch continuously invests in the development of cost-effective mass transfer equipment that provides the industry with higher efficiency, higher capacity, improved plant performance, and increased reliability.

Product development
With innovative thinking, practical knowledge, and tremendous depth and breadth of expertise, Koch-Glitsch engineers have recently developed and enhanced numerous leading-edge devices:

Mixing collector for large diameter columns reduces the height of new towers, or allows more theoretical stages in existing towers.

Flow-through truss reduces tower height by using packing support members as liquid conduits and is typically applied to columns above 8 m (25 feet) in diameter.

INTALOX® ULTRA random packing increases efficiency without sacrificing capacity, or increases capacity without sacrificing efficiency.

PROFLUX® high performance grid for severe service applications combines the efficiency of structured packing with the robustness and fouling resistance of grid packing.

SUPERFRAC® tray technology combines high capacity and high efficiency, even in fouling services.

ULTRA-FRAC® tray technology provides unsurpassed tray capacity with superior liquid and vapor handling.

FLEXIPEAK mist eliminator provides increased capacity and efficiency to tackle the challenges set on Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) units by more stringent environmental regulation.

Equipment testing
Koch-Glitsch performs tests on trays, packing, and mist eliminators in pilot
plant towers ranging from 8 in. to 7 ft. [0.2 to 2.1 m] diameter. This includes a hydrocarbon tower of 5.5 ft. [1.67 m] diameter. Customers regularly witness tests, or have tests conducted on a contract basis.

A recent addition is a CO2 capture pilot plant. This unit can be run 24/7 and is being used to demonstrate Koch-Glitsch’s equipment on commercially available as well as proprietary solvent systems developed by process licensors.

Koch-Glitsch has distributor test facilities where full diameter or sections of distributors for circular towers as large as 72 ft. [22 m] can be tested. The test facilities are capable of flowing 15,000 gpm [3,400 m3/hr].

CFD modeling
Complex tower configurations may require computation fluid dynamics (CFD) studies to optimize vapor and liquid flow in high performance equipment design.  A powerful computer cluster and CFD specialists are available to do CFD studies on large complex geometries and flow systems.



Mass transfer school
Koch-Glitsch's Mass Transfer School offers the opportunity to improve your knowledge of mass transfer technology.

The course takes place in the classroom
and around the world-class pilot plant at Koch-Glitsch’s Wichita, Kansas location.

Designed for engineers in the refining, petrochemical, chemical, and EPC industries, the course includes classroom training, design exercises, and hands-on sessions in the pilot plants.

The course is presented twice a year, always in the Spring and in the Fall.

KG-TOWER® software enables users to design and rate towers based on Koch-Glitsch equipment.  This software is updated regularly to include the latest equipment as well as updated models based on our ever expanding database of test data. The software can be downloaded from the Koch-Glitsch Web site after registering.

Koch-Glitsch’s rate based models, RATEFRAC® and BATCHFRAC® software, have been incorporated into SimSci-Esscor® PRO/II® process simulation software package.

A conversion utility to transfer data from the PRO/II® software to
KG-TOWER software is available for download from the Koch-Glitsch Web site.