Koch-Glitsch is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of a complete line of mass transfer and separations technology equipment (trays; structured, random, and grid packing with related column internals; mist eliminators; and coalescers) for distillation, absorption, stripping, and liquid-liquid extraction columns.

Only Koch-Glitsch can provide you with genuine FLEXITRAY® and SUPERFRAC® trays; FLEXIPAC®, FLEXIGRID®, INTALOX® ULTRA, IMTP®, and CASCADE MINI-RINGS® (CMR) packing; and DEMISTER®, FLEXICHEVRON®, and FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators. For decades, Koch-Glitsch brands have been the preferred technology by the industry and have set new standards on a regular basis.  Combining Koch-Glitsch equipment with its technical expertise in design and installation can give you optimized performance for your application.

Only Koch-Glitsch can provide you with genuine FLEXITRAY® and SUPERFRAC® trays; FLEXIPAC®, FLEXIGRID®, INTALOX® ULTRA™,  IMTP®, and CASCADE MINI-RINGS® (CMR™) packing; and DEMISTER®, FLEXICHEVRON®, and FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators.

Koch-Glitsch’s design and manufacture of distillation trays have evolved from sieve to bubble cap to valve to high-capacity trays.

FLEXITRAY® valve trays have been the industry standard for over 50 years. The FLEXITRAY valve tray combines high capacity and excellent efficiency with a wide operating range.

VG-10 large, fixed valves provide performance similar to conventional moving valve trays and are an economical solution for improved fouling resistance.

MINIVALVE® fixed and moving valves provide reduced entrainment and better efficiency than larger diameter valves. MINIVALVE valves are available in fixed
(VG-0) and movable (MV-1) styles.

PROVALVE® tray is a high performance device that provides superior fouling resistance. Tests at Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI) confirm that this tray delivers the highest capacity of any device in its category.

SUPERFRAC® high performance trays have the highest combined capacity and efficiency of all crossflow trays tested at FRI.

ULTRA-FRAC® trays are the next logical step to increased capacity in existing vessels. These trays use co-current flow to provide superior liquid and vapor handling and foam suppression. The ULTRA-FRAC tray is the highest capacity mass transfer device tested at FRI.

Packed tower internals
Koch-Glitsch’s complete line of column internals is the result of extensive experience with mass transfer equipment and steady and continuous development and testing.

INTALOX® Packed Tower Systems technology combines well-matched high performance packing and state-of-the-art liquid and vapor distributors to create predictable and reliable separation column performance. This combination provides the highest packing performance available in the industry.

Structured packing
Koch-Glitsch was one of the first companies to introduce sheet metal structured packing to the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. Structured packing provides lower pressure drop and increased capacity compared to trays and conventional random packing.

FLEXIPAC® HC® high capacity structured packing is an improvement over traditional structured packing. The distinct vertical corrugation at the top and bottom of each layer reduces pressure drop and increases capacity. FLEXIPAC HC packing has been used in hundreds of columns to increase capacity and reduce pressure drop for new construction and revamps.

Random packing
Random packing has a long history starting with the use of glass balls in the 1820s. Raschig and Pall rings provided significant advances in random packing design by using the internal surface area for mass transfer.

HY-PAK® packing improved on the Pall ring design with more fingers and larger size with the same efficiency, higher capacity, and lower pressure drop.

CASCADE MINI-RINGS® (CMR) packing, with its modified aspect ratio, was another modification of the Pall ring that further increased capacity and reduced pressure drop.

IMTP® random packing quickly became the premier high-performance packing in the industry with its low pressure drop and high capacity. It was one of the first packings to deviate from the traditional ring shape design.

INTALOX® ULTRA packing uses an innovative design to provide the highest effective surface utilization of any random packing available. Tests by Koch-Glitsch and FRI show that INTALOX ULTRA packing exhibits superior efficiency, pressure drop, and capacity to previous generations of random packing.

Severe service grid
Koch-Glitsch pioneered the use of grid packing for severe services over forty years ago.

FLEXIGRID® severe service packing is specifically designed to provide reliable operation in severe services that are susceptible to fouling, erosion, coking,
and have a high solids content.

Mist eliminators
When it comes to separations, it’s not just the products, it’s the design. Koch-Glitsch is one of only a few companies to design, manufacture, and supply a diverse line of vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid separation equipment.  The KOCH-OTTO YORK® family of products has a long history of supplying the market with enhanced separation designs.

DEMISTER® knitted wire mesh mist eliminators were introduced in 1947 and have been the industry standard since that time. In the 1990s, Koch-Glitsch developed a new family DEMISTER mist eliminators that achieve higher capacity than the traditional styles. In addition, there are numerous DEMISTER knitted wire mesh styles that Koch-Glitsch engineers can design to customer requirements.

FLEXICHEVRON® mist eliminators have been designed and built for over 30 years at Koch-Glitsch for applications with viscous liquid, high liquid loading, and fouling potential.  FLEXICHEVRON mist eliminators operate at a much lower pressure drop due to the wide spacing of baffled blades.

DEMISTER-PLUS mist eliminators combine the efficiency of the DEMISTER mesh-type mist eliminator with the high capacity of the FLEXICHEVRON vane-type mist eliminator. The characteristics of efficiency and capacity are highly desired in new plant construction as well as for the retrofit of existing vessels experiencing capacity creep.

FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators are the ideal selection when ultra-high efficiency matters. For over 30 years, Koch-Glitsch has supplied the chemical market with a wide range of designs for environmental and process applications such as sulfuric acid, chlorine, asphalt, and turbine lube oil vents.

Liquid-liquid coalescing media from Koch-Glitsch are the result of pilot plant testing and countless applications in the refining and petrochemical industries. Whether it’s reducing the size of new vessels, increasing capacity of existing drums, or reducing the loss of valuable products, Koch-Glitsch coalescer designs have the customer’s needs in mind.