Koch-Glitsch delivers the equipment and services that are required to address your emergency situations as well as your everyday needs. Whether your project is large or small, requires rush delivery or long lead times, specifies exotic materials, or involves critical installation services, you can rely on Koch-Glitsch’s global engineering, manufacturing, turnaround, and field service groups to respond quickly with flexible options to get your tower up and running as rapidly as possible. Koch-Glitsch understands the sense of urgency associated with minimizing downtime in critical situations, and you can rely on each member of our turnaround team to work diligently to keep your turnaround on schedule.

Anytime, anywhere. . . YOU CAN RELY ON US. (TM)

Koch-Glitsch is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your needs for turnaround or emergency shutdowns.

Emergency hotlines

Make Koch-Glitsch your first call to get a qualified tower specialist with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to move quickly and easily to coordinate your project needs.

Flexible options
Downtime is critical during scheduled and unscheduled turnarounds. Global manufacturing and engineering locations enable Koch-Glitsch to move quickly and easily to handle:
  • Any size project from installation hardware up to complex turnkey projects.
  • Rush delivery for emergency situations when time is most critical to get the plant back in operation.
  • Exotic materials from high Nickel Alloys and the latest Duplex material to specialties such as Titanium and Zirconium.
Replacement equipment
Koch-Glitsch leads the industry with its
on-time performance for emergency supply of mass transfer and mist elimination equipment.

Regardless of original equipment manufacturer, Koch-Glitsch can provide:

Mass transfer equipment

  • sieve trays
  • fixed and movable valve trays
  • bubble cap trays
  • column internals
  • structured packing
  • random packing
  • grid packing
  • bolting and hardware
  • mesh 
  • vanes/chevrons
  • fiberbeds
  • coalescers


Turnaround services
Koch-Glitsch turnaround support services include:

Field services
Working together, Koch-Glitsch and
Koch Specialty Plant Services, Inc. (KSPS) provide integrated tower and mass transfer solutions that include:

  • Turnkey solutions that combine mass transfer and mist elimination equipment with removal of old internals and installation of new equipment.
  • Complete field fabricated vessels or vessel sections as well as code repairs.
  • Qualified tower specialists to observe and inspect the equipment installation or to assist in evaluating and inspecting existing mass transfer equipment during turnaround.
  • Other specialty field services that may be required to facilitate timely completion of the work during turnarounds or unplanned outages.


The highest
commitment to safety
Koch-Glitsch has achieved Star status in the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) at its sites in Wichita, Kansas, and Dallas and Houston, Texas for "sustained excellence in all areas of Koch-Glitsch's safety and health management system."

In addition, KSPS is the first specialty contractor in its industry to achieve Star status in OSHA’s VPP Mobile Workforce program.
Koch-Glitsch requires the same high level of commitment and performance from all employees and contractors in all of its facilities and sites around the world.